Besides the software you have purchased, I can add some additional free software that will enhance your computer use.

            LastPass: Tired of typing in passwords? Or forgetting what they are. Or even worse, can't remember your login? LastPass remembers all that and more. It is secure, fast, and you only need to remember one password.

            TrueCrypt:  This program creates an encrypted, password protected volume on your hard drive that allows you to store any type of file there making it nearly impossible for someone else to open or view.

            Microsoft Security: Microsoft now supplies very good anti-virus software. I think the best move is to remove the preinstalled "free" anti-virus which you will eventually have to pay for and go with MS.

           While all PCs come with Internet Explorer (IE) installed, we will install Chrome and Firefox as alternative browsers. You may find you prefer them and they have extensive ecosystems that make surfing the internet better.


While these programs are given away free, their authors may occasionally interrupt your use of them asking for a donation. If you think you are getting value from them, think about donating.


Other cool software:

Sandboxie:  This program creates something called a sandbox. This is like a virtual machine where all the activity between your machine and the Internet happens in the "sandbox" so if something bad is downloaded, it can only play within the sandbox and doesn't get into your real computer.